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Lincoln Electric Wire Feeders

Bench - Single & Dual


Designed for MIG and cored wire welding in job shop and manufacturing environments, rugged LF-72 wire feeders are built to deliver reliable performance day after day. LN-8 and LN-9 wire feeders feature controlled wire feed speed. The LN-23P is built for tough work sites.




  • LF-72 Wire Feeders
  • LF-74 Wire Feeders
  • Flex Feed 74 HT Wire Feeders
  • Flex Feed 84 Wire Feeders
  • Flex Feed 84 Dual Bench Wire Feeders



Boom Wire Feeders


Boom wire feeders are available in single and dual configurations. We also provide a conversion kit to convert bench models to boom.





  • Flex Feed 84 Boom Wire FeedersLF-74 Wire Feeders


Portable Wire Feeders


Activ8®, LN-25, and Power Feed® 25 semiautomatic wire feeders are suitable for shipbuilding, offshore, construction or pipe welding operations. Small enough to fit through ship manways and light enough to carry around the site, these portable wire feeders are reliable and easy to service.



  • LN-25 Wire Feeders
  • LN-25 PRO Wire Feeders
  • LN-25X Wire Feeders with CrossLinc Technology
  • Activ8 Wire Feeders
  • LN-23P Wire Feeders


Advanced Process Wire Feeders


Power Feed 84 single and dual feeder models have digital controls to provide comprehensive process adjustability and control in a simple to use, rugged design.



  • Power Feed 84 Single Wire Feeders
  • Power Feed 84 Dual Wire Feeders
  • Power Feed 84 Boom Wire Feeders
  • Power Feed 25M Wire Feeders





Lincoln Electric Wire Feeders Welders


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