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What's the Difference Between CO2 and Nitrogen in Beer?


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With the United States being one of the leaders in worldwide beer production, you may find yourself wondering about how beer is actually made. While there are a lot of different aspects that make up the beer production process, one of the most commonly asked questions regarding beer is whether carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen should be used. So this article is going to discuss the main differences between CO2 and nitrogen.

Carbon Dioxide in Beer

It's important to understand that all beer has carbon dioxide in it -- this gas is produced by the yeast when the beer is fermenting. CO2 is important to have in beer for a few reasons. Not only does it give beer its fizziness, but it also adjusts the pH in the beer to change the flavor. It also helps protect beer from bacteria and can help it stay fresh longer. When drinking beer, the CO2 leaves the beverage through the bubbles or foam, which actually helps produce better aromas and improve the flavor. So, as you can see, carbon dioxide is an important part of beer. If you're looking for reliable CO2 refill Tulsa can provide, check out Tulsa Gas and Gear.

Nitrogen in Beer

Unlike CO2, nitrogen always has to be manually added during beer production. But it does also help improve the aroma and flavor -- although it does make beer thicker, creamier, and less acidic. There is one major benefit to using nitrogen in the beer production process. If the headspace between the liquid and the lid of the bottle is purged and replaced with nitrogen, the beer can have an extended shelf life by as much as 500%. So while adding nitrogen isn't necessary, it does have some great benefits.

Both carbon dioxide and nitrogen can be used to play with the flavor and smell of beer. And while CO2 is always in beer, nitrogen can be added in for additional benefits.

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