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Welding 101: A Basic Intro to Equipment and Industries


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Did you know that 50% of the products created and manufactured in the United States require welding? Welding requires a number of different gases from helium, propane, to carbon dioxide. You will require many different kinds of welding gear before you get started, as well. Welding can be a dangerous task, so here's a basic intro to the equipment and industries applicable to this skill.

What if I want to start welding?

Welding requires hand protection, eye protection, welding tools, and other special welding gear to get the job done. There are multiple levels of training required before you're able to weld, as well. It isn't a specialized trade for nothing, after all. Welding is an essential job in our modern world -- the building you're standing in likely wouldn't exist without it. In addition, it's a growing industry. Skilled welders are always in high demand. A welding supply store can get you all the gas and gear needed to get the job done. Whether you choose to begin welding as a career path now or sometime in the future, it's crucial to have the right gear and the right schooling under your belt.

What can welding accomplish?

Welding is used in the motor vehicle industry to build the vehicles we love to drive every day. But they're nothing compared to racecars, which are custom built by welders and can take nearly 1,000 hours to complete. There are over 4,000 welds used to build just one vehicle! Welding is also used in the manufacturing of ships and boats. Riveting was once used to create most of the ships on the ocean, but it was discovered that welding was a much faster (and more effective) way to get the job done. Even today, welding has taken over shipyards for constructing and repairing cargo ships, cruise ships, tankers, and aircraft carriers.

Have you ever wondered how a theme park is constructed? All that twisting, turning, rolling metal is combined to create those super fun rides we all know and love. Welding is the way these creations are born and repaired to entertain hundreds and thousands of people each and every day. Welding gear, believe it or not, can create happiness for the people of the world through creations just like these.

Whether it's building roller coasters, spinning rides, airplanes, or vehicles, welding is a huge part of everyday life. Speak to the professionals for all your welding gas needs.