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Understanding the Role of Carbon Dioxide in Beer


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Using carbon dioxide in beer is a tale as old as time: not only does CO2 offer your beverage a fun and distinct flavor, it also contributes to the overall mouth feel of the beer. Here are the benefits of using the right gas and gear for your beer.

Understanding carbonation

A carbonated beverage is simply a liquid that harbors carbon dioxide under a pressure system. That's why you hear that satisfying pop when you open a can of beer or a bottle of soda. Your beer should be naturally fizzy due to the fermentation of the yeast, but force carbonation is used to pump CO2 back into the drink if your beer has fully fermented. This is a huge benefit for kegs or other large containers. When CO2 is force added to the keg, you're better able to control the amount of CO2 present in the beer. Your local gas and gear supplier should be able to get the job done if you don't have the proper tools.

What does it do?

Carbon dioxide will give the beer a slightly acidic taste due to the acidic properties of the molecule. It can also help create a lighter texture, add a hint of tartness, and improve the dryness. Additionally, the pain caused in the mouth from the carbonation "popping" will activate more receptors in your mouth, causing you to get even more flavor. Without the proper levels of carbonation in a beer, the drink can get too malty or sweet. Be sure to drink your beer soon after opening if you want the best flavor since the carbonation will diminish over time, leaving you with a flat beer.


Nitrogen is a gas that makes up about 80% of our atmosphere. Many breweries are utilizing nitrogen in their beer instead of carbon dioxide. Although nitro systems are marketed with nitrogen in mind, it's actually a blend of about 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide. This results in a smoother pour and foamier bubbles when this type of carbonation is added to your beer.

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