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Understanding the Importance of Calibration for Welding Machines


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Welding is one of the most important services in the U.S. -- especially seeing as how over 50% of the products that are made in America require some level of welding. This is why it's so important for welding to be done right. And to ensure welding is done right, welding machines should be calibrated before being used. But why exactly is calibrating welding machines so important? Let's take a look at a few benefits of calibrating welding machines and what the actual process may involve.

Reasons to Calibrate Your Welding Machines

Calibrating a welding machine is done for several reasons. First, calibration allows the machine to be certified. A certified welding machine is often more trustworthy, as there is a paper trail that proves the machine has been calibrated properly and is ready for safe use. Additionally, calibrating a machine before starting a new job can allow the procedure to be started in a controlled environment. Without calibration, there could be uncontrolled factors that could affect the procedure. And lastly, and most importantly, calibration allows welders to know that any procedures done with the machine are accurate. After calibration, welders can rest assured that their machines are running at their best.

What Does the Calibration Process Involve?

Calibrating a welding machine involves connecting the machines to a calibration station. Once connected, the system's amperage, voltage, and wire feed speed will be precisely measured. The station can also check the gas flow rate so all gas and gear performs as expected. The values of the welding system will be compared to the standard specs and any discrepancies will be adjusted as needed. These important steps allow welders to trust their welding gear and systems for accuracy.

As you can see, calibration is of the utmost importance for welding machines. When it comes to welding, proper calibration, gear, and air tool repair services are a must-have. So before you get started on a new project, get your welding system calibrated first.

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