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About TorcUP


TorcUP is a leader in the industrial bolting tools industry.  Torcup tools are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.  WIth TOrcUP, there are no smoke and mirrors.  You simply get the best torque and tension tools that you will ever own.



  • hydraulic Wrenches
    • TU Series
      • THe most unique and recognizable square drive hydraulic torque wrench
    • SQ Series
      • The sexiest hydraulic torque wrench with a twist.
    • TX Series
      • THe original an dunmatched truly flat hydraulic torque wrench
    • TXU Series
      • The flat and flexible addition to the legendary TX series hydraulic wrench
  • Pneumatic Wrenches
    • RP Series
      • Smooth accuracy combined with rugged durability
    • RP-E6 Series
      • Everything Raptor with a little more reach
  • Electric Wrenches
    • VT Series
      • THe most innovative and durable battery-powered torque wrench
    • VT-E6 Series
      • All the cordless power and cutting-edge features of a VOLTA with a little more reach
    • SR Series
      • The most precise way to control and track torque
  • Hydraulic Pumps
    • EP Series
      • The most durable electric hydraulic wrench pump produced
    • AP Series
      • The pump of choice for use in explosive vapor environments
    • SV Series
      • Continuous speed ratcheting combined with the power to torque
  • Bolt Tensioners
    • Subsea Series
      • The most rapid method of subsea joint specific bolting
    • Topside Series
      • THe most safe and reliable standard flange bolt tensioner
    • Wind Series
      • The most compact purpose built tensioners for wind turbines
  • Complementary Products
    • Turbine Tooling
      • Purpose built for power generation turbines
    • Impact Sockets
      • Full hex range in four drive sizes
    • TNS Series
      • Nut Splitter - Genuine simplicity and ease of use
    • TFS Series
      • The multi-purpose tool for flange spreading and lifting
    • TLM Series
      • Accurate elongation measurement of threaded fasteners
    • TBW Series
      • The most heavy duty means of stopping nut rotation


TorcUP Bolting Tools


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