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The Four Different Welding Types Broken Down


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Welding is a profession that goes fairly unsung, even though the products of welding are scattered around our everyday lives. In fact, more than 50% of products made in the United States require welding, and the practical application of the welding process to our physical surroundings is widespread. Still, people know very little about it.

What is welding? Simply put, it's using extremely high heat to fuse metals together. There are different types of welding that produce different results and are used for different purposes. We won't touch on the minutiae of their differential complexities, but we will look at the types of welding out there.

  • Arc: The most basic welding type and also the most easily mastered, arc welding is a common practice by professionals and home welders both. Also known as stick welding, an electric current is formed between the stick welder being held and the metals being welded together. Arc welder repair is rare and the machines are durable and reliable at any level.

  • MIG: The most popular welding style among professionals, MIG (metal inert gas) welding uses a constantly fed welding wire which is heated up and used to fuse metals together. This process is so popular because of its versatility, speed, and ease of use.

  • TIG: Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), is the most difficult welding process to master. It's meant for smaller, finer projects, therefore the precision required is greater. MIG and TIG both use electric arcs to heat metal, but TIG arc is easily tailored for metal densities, hence it's preferred for precise projects.

  • Gas: Among the oldest types of welding, this style has fallen into disuse compared to the aforementioned processes. Unlike the electric arc used to heat, this process uses heated gas, most commonly oxyacetylene. With an incredibly high burn temperature, oxyacetylene gas welding doesn't require filler metal to fuse two metals together. Instead, the heat forms a shared puddle of molten metal between pieces being connected.

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