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Understanding the Importance of Calibration for Welding Machines


gas and gear

The world of welding is wide and wonderful -- at least, that's what the soon-to-be 412,300 welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers might say. If you're new to this world, the language can feel a little overwhelming and exclusionary, like you're forced to carry a dictionary around just to keep up with the experts in the industry.

Well, have no fear, the essential welding glossary is here! We're going to be taking a look at five common welding terms -- gas and gear included -- to ensure you have all the information you need to do your job safely and correctly.

  • Air Carbon Arc Cutting (CAC-A): A cutting process by which metals are melted by the heat of an arc that uses a carbon electrode. The molten metal is then forced away from the cut by a blast of forced air so the finished product looks clean. Keep in mind, air tool repair is sometimes needed due to the intensity of the process.

  • Arc: Many welding tools employ the use of an arc -- the physical gap between the end of the electrode and the base metal. It causes heat (which cuts the metal) due to resistance of current flow and arc rays. Arc welder repair may be needed for the same reason as air tool repair.

  • Dig: The dig gives the user power over the arc; it provides a power source variable with additional amperage if the voltage is low (which creates a short arc length).

  • Pounds Per Square Inch (psi): PSI is used in a number of industries and indicates the mass or weight applied to one square inch of a material's surface area.

  • Shielding Gas: The weld pool refers to the dime-sized workable portion of a weld where the base metal has reached its melting point and is ready to be infused with the filler material. Shielding gas acts as a protective layer to prevent atmospheric contamination of the weld pool.

Hopefully, this extensive coverage of gas and gear will help you along the learning process. Welding gear can be found at a number of welding supply shops across the country, but it can be difficult to make a purchase when you're unsure of what the product is and whether or not you need it. Once you've got the knowledge down, you'll be a pro in the industry!