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Bulk CO2 Soda Carbonation FAQ's

Soda Related FAQ's


What is a brix calibration?

A brix calibration is a procedure provided by your soda supplier to fine tune the taste of your sodas and juices. This calibration procedure adjusts the ratio of water-to-syrup for each of your soda flavors. Establishments in need of a brix calibration usually suffer from “too watery” or “too sweet” taste complaints. Brix problems can affect one or all of your soda flavors.


What is a carbonator?

A soda carbonator is supplied by your soda supplier as a part of supplier’s soda system. Carbonators are where the water from your back flow preventer and CO2 from the syrup rack regulators are combined to become soda water. See our trouble shooting section for more details.


Does TGG Beverage Carbonation install back flow preventers?

We do not install back flow preventers. Back flow preventers are required in all soda systems and are usually installed by a company that specializes in that service or a local plumber. As your beverage gas partner we are happy to assist you in locating a local back flow preventer installation company.





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