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TGG Repair Services

Tulsa Gas and Gear's experienced repair team can handle your repairs of MIG welders, TIG welders, stick welders, engine driven welders, and subarc equipment. Need to get your welding equipment calibrated?  We can do onsite calibration of your equipment.  Tulsa Gas & Gear can also fix broken flowmeters and perform cutting torch and regulator repair. Tulsa gas and gear has also added repair of air tools, including impacts, grinders, die grinders, chipping hammers, scaling hammers, lever and hand chain hoist, and much more tool repairs.

The links above are a list of some of the equipment manufacturers we can repair. If we sell it, we can service it; no matter if you’re looking for a cutting torch and regulator repair or just want to fix your welder, we’ve got you covered.  Just give us a call and see if we can help get your equipment and tools repaired.


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