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locally owned welders supply and industrial, Specialty, and food grade gas supplier

Equipment Rental

Welding Equipment Rental

Tulsa Gas & Gear can supply you with MIG welders, TIG welders, stick welders, gas engine-driven welders, LPG engine-driven welders, diesel engine-driven welders, plasma cutters, submerged arc welding equipment, magnetic drills and stud welders. There’s no better place for welding equipment rental in the Tulsa area.


Tube Equipment Rental in Tulsa

We can supply you with tube expanders, tube rolling controls, tube installation, tube cutters, tube pullers, and hydrostatic test pumps.


Weld Automation Equipment Rental in Tulsa

Tulsa Gas & Gear can supply you with pipe welding positioners, head and tail stock positioners floor turn tables, bench top welding positioners and gripper weld chucks, new and used tank turning rolls, rotators, pipe turning rolls, pipe cut off machines, column and booms, pipe beveling machines, track burners and welding head manipulators.



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