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locally owned welders supply and industrial, Specialty, and food grade gas supplier

Outdoors and Sporting

Orion Coolers

The world’s most feature-rich, customizable coolers are unsurpassed in ice retention, durability, innovation and personalized style. Break away from the crowd, be an original and choose from our wide range of multi-color patterns. Every Orion Cooler is hand-built in Tennessee to make sure in the field, on the water, far from home … you never lose your cool.


Orion Kennels

Adventure Dogs. Wingmen. Best Friends. We love outdoor adventures with our dogs. We love quality gear. Orion Kennels bring a new level of safety and functionality to four-legged adventure travel. At home and on the road, we’re your new base camp. Wag tails. Leave tracks. Bring Your Dog.


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