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Liquid Nitrogen Need-To-Knows Before Using It


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Liquid nitrogen is pretty cool. Actually, it's really cool. Like negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit, cool. Turns out, people don't know much about the stuff beyond what they learned in high school.

That was in science class. Now you're an adult and should know something about it in case you're itching to buy some and experiment.

Being the best gas and supply Tulsa has, we like to think we're authorities on gas and gear. Here's what you should know about liquid nitrogen.

  • Ventilate: Nitrogen is an inert gas that comprises 78% of the air we breathe. Liquid nitrogen is exactly that, but a liquid and extremely cold. When exposed to the atmosphere, it evaporates into the air. It's generally harmless, but if an area isn't ventilated and it can push out the oxygen and kill you by inert gas asphyxiation. Keep your experimentation area well ventilated.
  • Protect your body: Remember, it's negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit. That's plenty cold enough to cause frostbite from a clumsy spill. Gloves, safety glasses (you don't want it in your eye), and proper safety wear is important to have on whilst using liquid nitrogen.
  • You can cook with it: Yup. Because it freezes things incredibly quickly, culinary experts use it to manipulate different foods. Whether you want to make ice cream in merely a few minutes or you want to freeze and smash fruit into bite-sized particles, liquid nitrogen is perfect for it. Be careful not to eat something or lick a spoon that's just been frozen. Your tongue is susceptible to frostbite, too.
  • Storage is important: When liquid nitrogen turns into gas, it expands. There are special containers designated to ventilate the pressure of liquid nitrogen expanding, called dewars. They're pricey, but nothing you have in your house, garage, or otherwise can take the pressure of liquid nitrogen expansion and will explode if you try. Either use all of it or purchase the proper storage container.

  • When you're looking for the best gas and supply Tulsa has to offer, look no further. From cooking with liquid nitrogen to welding gear to air tool repair, Tulsa gear will get you fitted. Liquid nitrogen might be pretty cool, but you'll be even cooler now.



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