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High Purity Hydrocarbon - IsoButane


IsoButane Overview


Both n-butane and iso-butane are extracted from natural gas or refinery gases. Extraction is performed by absorbing at high pressure in suitable absorber oils followed by a fractionation to remove other hydrocarbons like propane and pentanes. The two butanes are then separated by distillation. TGG is Tulsa’s premier supplier of Isobutane and Isobutane mixes. Our high-purity hydrocarbon gases are 99.5% or greater high purity. Our refill program includes internal washing of the tanks before refilling. Perfect for dispensaries and licensed extraction companies. If you are picking up cylinders from our store you must have an open air vehicle for cylinders to be loaded in.


IsoButane Purity Grades












  • SOLVENT-  Isobutane and Isobutane mixes can be used as a blended solvent in the botanical or cannabis extraction process to obtain a BHO.  TGG can also supply your Dry Ice needs as well.
  • Calibration Gas-  Isobutane is used as a component in calibration gases.
  •  industries.  It is also used as a standard fuel gas for the calibration of burners.
  • Refrigeration- Very pure forms of Isobutane can be used in refrigeration applications, replacing ozone depleting halocarbons. It has the ASHRAE number R-600a.
  • Propellent- Isobutane is also used as an aerosol propellant, either pure or mixed with other hydrocarbons.
  • Chemical Intermediate- Isobutane is used as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of a variety of products.



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Product/Grade Purity
Research 99.99%
Instrument 99.50%
Chemically Pure (CP) 99.00%
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