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Carbon Dioxide for Grow House Enrichment and Supercritical Extraction

Why use Carbon Dioxide in grow House


Carbon Dioxide is a critical element in the growth and development of plants.  Photosynthesis is the process through which plants use light to create food.  Carbon Dioxide is a critical element to this process.  In outside air CO2 ranges from 300-500 PPm.  In a greenhouse CO2 levels are reduced from the plants using it up during photosynthesis. CO2 enrichment systems allow you to add Carbon Dioxide to the grow room and increase the CO2 level to 1500 ppm.  Increasing the CO2 levels will lead to increases in plant yield.  Hydroponic growing continues to increase in popularity for growing cannabis, tomatoes, strawberry's, lettuce, and many other vegetables, herbs, and fruits and Carbon Dioxide plays an important roll in the success of plant growth.


Why use Carbon Dioxide in Cannabis Oil Extraction


Carbon Dioxide is known as a turnable solvent making it versatile for creating a multitude of end products by controlling temperature and pressure.   Many medical cannabis consumers prefer to inhale a cool vapor as opposed to inhaling harsh cannabis smoke.  CO2 extraction can help produce a cleaner, purer, tastier, safer, and overall higher quality cannabis concentrate.   Carbon Dioxide is a cleaner, more efficient and less expensive then other chemical solvents.  The supercritical CO2 extraction process is increasing being used as a cheap, recyclable, and environmentally safe industrial solvent for creating high quality:

  • COffee
  • Vanilla
  • Tea
  • Fruit and nut extracts
  • Fruit and nut aromas
  • Omega-3 Oils
  • Fragrances
  • Perfumes
  • Tobacco extractions for e-cigarettes
  • Hop-oil extraction for beer
  • Oil extractions from algae
  • Cannabis Oil


Looking for n-butane, isobutane, or Dry Ice for your processing?  We supply high-purity hydrocarbons  as well.

Why Tulsa Gas & Gear as your CO2 Supplier


Tulsa Gas & Gear is the leader in helping customize a CO2 solution to meet your growhouse or extraction needs.  We can supply the home hobbyist or the large production facilities with a small CO2 tank or a large bulk system.  Our store is open to the public for you to stop by or give us a call today.

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