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General Bulk Carbonation FAQ's


Are any city or state permits necessary for TGG's Beverage Carbonation System?

Permits vary from city to city and state to state.  Your TGG Beverage Carbonation Specialist can give you details for any necessary permits.


How long does the average installation of a Tulsa Gas & Gear Carbonation system tank?

Depending on the specific installation conditions and exact configuration, the average installation can  vary from 2-4 hours with no down time of any beverage service.


Can I request to be billed via electronic transaction?

Yes.  TGG offers many payment and billing options.  Just contact our accounting department for more information.


What if I currently have beverage gas from another CO2 provider but I would like to instead purchase from Tulsa Gas & Gear?

No problem.  One of our Beverage SPecialists can assist you in the transition process.  Depending on what type of agreement you currently have, the process is fast and easy.


How big are the tanks that you install?

We use the low pressure Carbo-Series bulk CO2 storage systems from chart industries.  These tanks range in sizes from 220 pound to 1000 pound capacities.

Bulk Beverage CO2 Carbonation General FAQ's

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