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From Current To Composition: All About Arc Welding


arc welder repair Welding is everywhere. Around the world, there are pipelines beneath our feet, pumping oil, water, and natural gas vast distances. About 38% of those pipelines are in the United States, and close to all of them are massive pieces of welded metals.

Like many trade crafts, welding doesn't get much time (if any) in the spotlight. Of course, this makes it difficult for anyone outside the welding world to get a glimpse into how it works. In a previous article, we talked about a young man who seeks to make a name for himself in the U.S. and, hopefully, the world with his welding skills. Which is really cool, but, what do welders actually do and how does it work?

A big question that deserves a few answers. Today we're going to look a little more in-depth at arc welding.

First: what is welding? Simply put, welding is a process that joins metals together by melting parts together, then allowing them to cool and fuse together. The key is that the metal is heated to melting before they're fused.

Arc Welding

Arc welding is just one of the various styles of welding in modern practice. Arc welding produces the heat required to melt metal from an electric current. Between the electrode guided along the actual work being done, an electric arc is formed that produces the heat needed to actually weld. The electrode itself is usually a stick or wire, hence the process is also referred to as stick welding. Arc welder repairs to a damaged piece (or pieces) of metal is a common arc welding practice.

The arc welder power source is connected to both the welding implement and the piece being worked on, therefore creating the circuit needed to make the electrical arc. During the arc welding process, it's not so simple as to melt and fuse metals together. Atmospheric influences can oxidize a weld, potentially compromising its strength. A coated electrode, when heated, creates a shield around the arc, keeping atmospheric influences at bay. Furthermore, the coat melts off, creating slag that covers the weld trail, allowing it to cool and fuse sealed off from external influencers as the weld moves forward.

The process is complex, but masterful welders make it look like they're operating another extension of their bodies. Arc welder repairs and creations for any number of metals are quite common, from manufacturing, fabrication, and metal arts, the possibilities are vast.

We'll dip into the molten world of welding further in the future. In the meantime, if you're looking for arc welder repair, gas and gear, odd welding gear, or just some people to talk shop with, we have the best welding supply Tulsa has to offer.



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