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Industrial Chemicals

Anti-Spatter, Dye Penetrant, Developer Chemicals


Whether you’re looking for anti-spatter fluids to make sure that your welds are spatter protected or dye penetrants and developer chemicals to find any cracks or defects in your non-porous materials, Tulsa Gas & Gear has what you need. Contact us today or stop by our shop to see our available chemicals.



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Lubricants, Cutting Fluids, Adhesives, and Sealants


Tulsa Gas & Gear is happy to provide lubricants, cutting fluids, adhesives, and sealants. We want to make sure that your machines are running smoothly, so we make sure to provide the necessary solutions for the job.



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Paint Markers for Metal


Tulsa Gas and Gear knows that you need the right equipment to mark the material that you’re working on. We offer a variety of paint markers for metal at our Tulsa location. Stop by to find the ones that suit your job best.



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