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Bulk Beverage CO2 Carbonation Delivery Service

About Bulk CO2 Carbonation Delivery Service


TGG's beverage bulk systems are a reliable replacement for high-pressure cylinders providing a higher quality of service, safety, and savings for customers in the food and beverage markets.


Bulk distribution and storage of CO2 provides a hassle-free solution.  No longer do your employees need to change out heavy cylinders.  Bulk Co2 benefits over high pressure cylinders also include:

  • Reliable - No business interruptions or waste from serving flat beverages
  • Economical - No longer do you need to recharge CO2 lines after changing out cylinders
  • Convenient - Set it and forget it.  TGG installs, fills and maintains the system for you


Think bulk systems are too expensive for your business?  Think again.  If you use 2 or more cylinders a month from Pepsi or Coke then we have a plan for you.

Bulk Carbonation Uses


TGG's bulk carbonation systems can be used by restaurants, bars, Convenience Stores, and Breweries.  Our systems help you achieve

  • the perfect soda / COke
  • The Perfect Beer Pint
  • The Perfect Kegged Wine

Bulk Carbonation Service Area


Tulsa may be in our name, but we service more that just the Tulsa area.  TGG now provides bulk CO2 refills to the Tulsa metro area, Oklahoma City (OKC) Metro Area, Stillwater, Bartlesville, Muskogee, and all areas in between.  Call us today for pricing and service availability.  We are Oklahoma's best bulk CO2 Carbonation delivery provider.


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