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locally owned welders supply and industrial, Specialty, and food grade gas supplier


Tulsa Gas & Gear is an independent welding supply in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  TGG has earned a reputation for being the premier full service welding supplier.  Our full service reputation was earned from our large inventory of welding supplies, state of the art welding gas fill station, full service welding equipment repair, readily available welding rental equipment, and by providing the best customer service.


Welding supplies are the backbone to Tulsa Gas & Gear.  Most welding supply stores are catalog stores.  They stock very little and order in the rest.  Not Tulsa Gas & Gear.  Our 12,500 sq ft warehouse is fully stocked with high quality welding equipment and welding gear from top tier brands.


Our gases include industrial grade welding gases, high purity specialty and calibration gases, beverage grade Gases, and commercial propane.  TGG has the capabilities to provide gas solutions  in high pressure cylinder, high pressure tube trailers, liquefied portable dewars, micro bulk ,and bulk systems.


Whether you have a short term project or need a replacement while your equipment is repaired, Tulsa Gas & Gear has a full range of arc welding equipment and welding support equipment available for rent.  TGG can provide all your welding rental equipment needs for any job.


We believe to be a full service welding supply, equipment repair service is a must. Our equipment repair technicians are trained to repair welding equipment for all major brands we sell.


To be the best, high quality customer service is a must.  Our team includes some of the industries most experienced.  We believe customers are more than just an account number.  TGG develops relationships with our customers to better understand their needs and help provide solutions. Our management team is actively involved in the day to day operations making us more flexible and reactive to customer needs than the large national suppliers.


Can your current supplier offer all this?  We are Northeastern Oklahoma’s best welding supply.  You can trust Tulsa Gas & Gear for all of your gas and welding gear needs.




Tulsa Gas & Gear was established in March of 2011 with the idea of providing customers with high quality products and outstanding service AT A COMPETITIVE PRICE.  IN MARCH OF 2015 TULSA GAS & GEAR EXPANDED ITS ABILITY TO SERVICE CUSTOMER'S BY JOINING THE LDA BUYING GROUP.  Our 12,500 sq ft warehouse is fully stocked with a wide variety of welding supplies.  In December of 2017 Tulsa Gas & Gear Opened a gas cylinder filling plant and continued to expand gas service and capabilities throughout 2018 and 2019. In early 2018 TGG added it's first Nitrogen tube trailer.  By the end of 2018 we expanded our fill plant capabilities by adding hydrogen cylinder filling.  TGG expanded gas filling delivery capabilities more in 2019 with the addition of a argon micro bulk delivery truck and  a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Micro Bulk delivery.   In the summer of 2019 we will be again be expanding our fill plant capabilities by adding a helium filling station.  We will also be expanding our bulk gas delivery capabilities by adding an oxygen cryogenic transport.  We continue to strive to be a do it all welding supply house for our customers.  Come by and see why we are Tulsa's Welding Supply.



It is Tulsa Gas & Gear’s objective to serve and satisfy our customers by improving the cost effectiveness and quality of our products and services.  Tulsa Gas & Gear continues to build a team of people who will develop and maintain a quality and service oriented attitude that leads the industry



Our experienced salespeople and repair technicians provide solutions that save our customers time and money.  WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON CUSTOMER SERVICE AND KNOW THAT EVERY CUSTOMER HAS DIFFERENT NEEDS.  THEREFORE WE TRY TO DEVELOP RELATIONSHIPS WITH CUSTOMERS  TO HELP US BETTER  UNDERSTAND HOW TO CREATE A SOLUTION FOR THEIR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS.  Come by or call us today to see how we can help fulfill your welding needs.



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