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4 Pieces Of Welding Equipment Every Beginner Needs


welding equipment

It's no secret that welding is a vital part of many U.S. industries, which makes it great for prospective jobs. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for welders, cutters, brazers, and solderers, is expected to reach up to 412,300 by 2024.

But before you can make your way into the welding niche, there's some welding equipment you'll want to get your hands on first. Here are four pieces of welding equipment every beginning welder needs to succeed.

  1. Safety equipment. Safety equipment is vital to your work. Because of the elements and temperatures involved, welding is considered lethal if it isn't handled correctly. Make sure that you have the proper welding helmets, earplugs, solid boots, and gloves before you even consider touching a welding setup. These supplies will protect your hands, eyes, and the rest of your body while you work. Without them, you're more than likely to get hurt.

  2. A charged electrode. Electrodes are the tips of the tools you use to pass the current from the welder to the material that's being welding. The electrode is what makes the tip of the tool hot so it becomes a liquid. The type of the electrode tip needed depends on the type of metal and the welder.

  3. Wire and electrode feeds. Depending on your welding, you might require a feed to strengthen the joint because of the weakness of the weld or its geometry. MIG welding uses a wire feed while stick welding uses an electrode feed. TIG welding uses a feed because of its non-consumable nature.

  4. TIG and MIG welders. Of course, before you can do anything involving welding, you'll need to have a welder. The most common type of welder that's used by hobbyists and homeowners for basic projects is the stick welder, also known as the shielded-metal arc welder. Other types of welders include the gas tungsten arc machines (TIG) and gas metal arc welder (MIG). You'll also need a gas feed with your welder.

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If you're interested in getting into welding, you're not alone. In fact, two our of every three welding jobs are in manufacturing and 50% of the products made in the U.s. require some time of welding.

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